According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will deeply modify the design and materials used for the antennas of its next iPhone.

Apple is predicted to create massive changes to the antenna structure of its iPhone 2019. this is often believed to understand Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst noted for his predictions regarding the firm to the apple. He had already mentioned this chance last Nov.

According to him, Apple intends to use modified-PI (MPI) materials in situ of the liquid compound (LCP) used for the antennas of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs grievous bodily harm and iPhone Xr. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the LCP limits the RF performance of handsets thanks to technological limitations and production issues. however he believes Apple can still use LCP because the primary material for the iPhone 2020’s 5G antennas as a result of production problemsmoving LCP antenna performance are resolved by then. Apple ought to additionally use the LCP within the iPads from the top of 2019 adds the analyst.