itroën 19_19: the longer term of the whole in ten to fifteen years

Second construct for the centenary of Citroën

Citroën can gift at VivaTech 19_19 construct. this can be a automobile that’s not meant to be mass made, however that foreshadows the longer term of the whole chevrons in ten to fifteen years.

Founded in 1919, Citroën celebrates its centenary this year. Among the festivities, the whole has chosen to gift 2 ideas foreshadowing its future. Thus, Citroën undraped in Geneva the AMI One construct, atiny low town tailored to the quality of tomorrow.

The electric quadricycle is currently joined by the Citroën 19_19 construct. the 2 ideas square measure complementary: whereas the AMI One focuses on urban quality, the 19_19 offers a vision of the extra-urban quality of tomorrow.

The construct 19_19 is embodied by a raised electric automobile, that doesn’t ensue as Associate in Nursing SUV. Its name goes back over 100 years of history, from 1919 to 2019. Its dimensions of roughly four.65 m long and a pair of.24 m wide build it Associate in Nursing exceptional vehicle as a result of it’s too wide for our roads. The 19_19 construct doesn’t prefigure a selected model however imagines the longer term of Citroën at intervals ten to fifteen years, permitting it to beat bound constraints.

The art movement look is assumed and appears nothing just like the current production of Citroën. Some components square measure taken from the AMI One construct, just like the lightweight signature. It remains to be seen if Citroën can extremely be galvanized by it for its production cars