Obesity is an excess weight resulting in a water and lipid overload of subcutaneous tissues, peri-visceral spaces and connective tissue in general. Dogs and cats in cities that eat too much and do not get enough exercise, are too often obese, and if we talk about it, it’s because there are dangers to their health. These causes can be corrected with a little supervision and goodwill. However, some endocrine imbalances can lead to obesity in an animal receiving a normal diet: hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, castration. Homeopaths think that there may be a “chronic intoxication” resulting in an imbalance of the ground. We are talking about “sycosis” whose causes deserve your attention.

In food-borne obesity, any medical therapy is to be avoided. It is necessary to know the food needs of your dog and your cat, and one must learn to forget the begging gaze. The “little remains” is good … but dangerous! and more dangerous for those who do not physically burn. Do not hesitate to weigh your pet every week, and rapid and unexplained weight gain will get you to see your veterinarian.

There are low calorie diets. This is good, especially for those who refuse to waste their time cooking. Having a pet is a responsibility … and preparing a balanced meal is one of them.

The big eaters
In animals to which everything seems to benefit, a good homeopathic drainer can be administered a few days a week. Ask your pharmacist the formula:

Aloe 5CH
Chelidonium 5CH
Berberis 5CH
Solidago 5CH
aa qsp 30 ml
Give 10 drops twice a day.

In the big eaters, we can add a basic remedy:

CALCAREA CARB. 15 CH: One dose or 10 granules one night a week in animals that do not move much.
GRAPHITES 15 CH: one dose or 10 granules one evening a week, in animals that have besides problems of constipation and skin problems (hair dull, greasy, itchy).
Drainage and cure of substance will be obligatorily administered after the castration.

Hypothyroidism is a cause of obesity, and it seems today more and more common in dogs, regardless of race.

The diagnosis (requiring a blood test) is attended by a set of disorders caused by insufficient elaboration or secretion of thyroid hormones. The animals become chilly, fatiguing, obese. The skin is pigmented, cold, seborrheic and the hairs fall easily.
Homeopathy must supplement the specific treatments that are often essential.

BARYTA CARB. 9 CH: 3 granules one evening out of two, alternating with:
GRAPHITES 9 CH: 3 granules
THYROID 4 CH: 3 granules in the morning.
If there is a decrease in heart rate, give DIGITALIS 5 CH: 3 granules once or twice daily.

Cushing’s Syndrome
The Cushing’s sydrome is caused by an important and prolonged secretion of cortisol by the adrenal cortex. The clinical diagnosis (intense thirst, bulimia, fatigability, decrease in muscle mass, bilateral hair loss with skin lesions …) must be confirmed by laboratory tests. The treatment is long, difficult and not always well supported. Homeopathy will act on the main symptoms and we will add:

INSULINUM 9 CH: 3 granules a day, and some basic remedies:
SILICEA 15 CH: 10 granules or a dose one evening a week
in fatigable animals, chilly, irritable, whose smallest wound suppures.
NATRUM SULFURICUM 15 CH: 10 granules or a dose one evening a week in animals with joint pain and diarrhea episodes.
THUYA 15 CH: 10 granules or a dose one evening a week, in animals intoxicated by drugs or other products imposed by the masters.
The sycosis
Sycosis is the reaction of the body to all aggressor agents to which it is subjected daily. We understand that interrogation is essential for all obese animals, because there has been a slowdown in metabolism, and eliminations.

Poor hygiene, an unhealthy diet, infectious diseases, too sedentary life, poisoning, certain medications, frequent vaccinations, mental disorders, anesthesia, endocrine disorders … are the most common causes.

Homeopathic medicines can only be perfectly adapted to each case: it is the “basic remedy”, often difficult to administer by the owner himself … but, giving average dilutions – 9 CH – once or twice per week, you will soon see an improvement in the general condition.

THUYA 9 CH is the No. 1 remedy of sycosis, and deserves to be administered, as soon as you find