Have you had a bad fall, bumped into yourself, or have you run into pain? Oh My Mag gives you tips for treating small wounds of everyday life with the homeopathic medicine Arnica montana 9CH.

What is Arnica montana 9CH?

Arnica montana 9CH is a homoeopathic medicine sold in pellet form. It is especially composed of mountain Arnica, or Arnica montana, like many other homeopathic medicines.

As its name suggests, this perennial is found in the mountains. Its size varies from 20 to 40 cm, and it is easily identifiable by its yellow flower in flowering period and by its basilar leaves.

Arnique has been used in medicine since antiquity, and is known for its virtues against hematoma and muscle pain.

In the Arnica montana 9CH composition, there is also sucrose and lactose. Its grip is recommended in case of bruising but also fractures and muscle pain.

Why Arnica montana 9CH helps heal small wounds?

Arnica montana 9CH granules are made from a mother tincture made with Arnique. This basic ingredient used in homeopathy is the fruit of the mixture of alcohol and fresh plants. The solution obtained is hydroalcoholic. This process preserves the properties and active principles of the plant.

But this mountain plant has different effects on the human body. Used in prevention, especially before an operation, it would help relieve pain. Following an injury or surgery, it would promote healing. Finally, its effectiveness would also be proven to relieve muscle pain. It is also used by top athletes.

How to use Arnica montana 9CH?

Depending on the type of injury, Arnica montana 9CH should be taken differently. If you have had a slight injury that has caused a hematoma or lump, it is advisable to melt 5 granules under the tongue at the onset of symptoms. Repeat the operation every hour for six hours. When the symptoms subside, start spacing the medication.

For aches, Arnica montana 9CH can be used as a preventive treatment. So, three days before physical activity, take 1 dose a day. After exercise, take 5 granules per hour for six hours. For muscle fatigue, take 1 dose a day for 5 days. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.