The male fertility rate depends on the amount of spermatozoa. To increase their number, it is often necessary to modify their diet and change their lifestyle.

How to increase the number of spermatozoa thanks to a diet that favors vitamins and nutrients that increase male fertility

You must reduce or prohibit processed industrial food. Focus on protein foods low fat. It is advisable to consume more vegetables, complete cereals even organic food. Consider drinking at least 1 liter and a half of water each day. Zinc is to put forward. This is possible with beef, oysters, beans, and chicken meat.

Amino acids should be a big part of your diet. This concerns L-Cartinine present in milk and red meat. As for L-Arginine, it is available in nuts, eggs and sesame seeds. For L-Lysine, it is identifiable in dairy products and cheese products. In addition, folic acid or vitamin B9 can raise the sperm count. It is found in cereals, vegetables, legumes but also orange juice. Vitamin D and calcium are brought by exposure to the sun. It is compensated by eating with skim milk, yogurt and salmon.

Some more specific foods are highly recommended.

In the morning for example, add one or two raw cloves of garlic to your morning vegetable juice. Garlic contains allicin which is very effective in promoting the process of spermatogenesis that causes spermatozoa.

Goji berries have an important antioxidant power and can be easily added to your daily diet.

Note also that ginseng is beneficial, squash seeds and nuts provide fatty acids rich in omega 3 very important for the quality of sperm.

Finally, asparagus with vitamin C and banana that is full of vitamin B, will help bring these vitamins that plays a vital role in the design of sperm.

How to increase sperm count by adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors

To increase the number of spermatozoa, drastic measures remain essential. We must stop smoking, drugs and limit the consumption of alcohol. At the level of men’s underwear, opt for boxers to avoid compression. Banish the bike during this lighthouse period. Bike saddles cause jumps, jolts and any kind of pressure. We must prefer public transport or the car.

Escape anything that promotes stress. The weight of the body must remain in the norm. Overweight can be harmful and too light weight is unfavorable. Hormonal balance is affected because of abnormal levels of estrogen or testosterone. If you like your muscular body, steroids should be banned. These anabolic steroids are harmful to health in general. Sleep must be restful enough.

You can also try exercises dedicated to the PC muscle. The PC muscle for pubococcygeus muscle has to be worked on regularly to increase the number of sperm. You can find various exercises on the web. Prohibit sexual lubricants. Otherwise, use vegetable oil or peanut oil if it is essential. At work, avoid exposure to chemicals. It is essential to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, coveralls and special shoes.