Facebook Dating: Facebook introduces Dating feature.. Now Love secretly!

Dating services on Facebook
Available as “Secret Crush”
20 crore singles on Facebook platform
Tinder has a strong competition

Facebook tries to launch new experiments with a tinder win. Secret dating services have started on its platform. The Secret Crush offers these services. These services are currently only available in some places. Then it will be available in other countries.

Facebook reveals this in its annual developers’ conference. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that there are nearly 20 million singles on their platform.

To get dating services in tender, you have to pay 30 dollars (about Rs. 2,000). Many people can use these services if this feature is available on Facebook. Will the new feature succeed? Otherwise, it has to look at the criticism.

Facebook dating services have been available in Singapore since May 1. Users can join their communities, groups and friends in Facebook dating services. Chat with your matchmakers. Those. These services will soon be available in India.

Dating services are available in the new update form on Facebook. There will be a special section called dating. You get a notification when these services are available in your area. Okay it is enough. Otherwise your heart symbol will appear on your profile. You can get this service by touching it. Here you can arrange a separate dating profile. This will not be visible to your Facebook friends.

It contains a feature called Secret Crush. This can add up to 9 people from your friends list. You may also add secret crashes to 9 people like you.