WhatsApp regularly adds new features to users. A characteristic that is perhaps the most discussed and anticipated is the dark mode. There have been reports on dark mode for WhatsApp for almost a year. The Dark mode on WhatsApp has also been spotted in some beta versions. However, the function still needs to be implemented.

In addition to saving battery power, dark mode also provides a user interface change that users prefer over the white background. If you are someone who cannot wait for WhatsApp to come out in obscure mode, there are some tricks. Android users can get the dark mode on WhatsApp if their phone is compatible with Android Q. iOS users can also get the dark mode on WhatsApp.


If your smartphone is running on Android Q beta, there are some steps to follow to get the WhatsApp dark mode. Android Q beta already offers dark mode at the system level, but not on third-party apps. After activating dark mode by selecting the dark theme from the settings menu, here’s what you need to do.

Go to “About phone” and tap “Create number” seven times. This will activate the developer options. Here, select “Override force-dark” from the list of options. Dark mode will now be visible on WhatsApp. It’s not over though, as you still have to change the background to black.


Apple is also introducing system-wide obscure mode on its upcoming iOS 13. But iPhone users don’t need to download iOS 13 beta for dark mode. The following steps can be followed to enable dark mode on WhatsApp. First go to Settings> General> Accessibility> View Accommodations> Invert Colors> Intelligent Invert.

This will enable dark mode on the iPhone, but an alternative solution must be performed. Like Android, iOS users also need to change the wallpaper to black to make chats appear in darkness mode.