A portion of Central Delhi has remained tense after Sunday’s clash between Hindus and Muslims and vandalism at a sanctuary. Three individuals, counting a minor, have been captured since final night over the viciousness in Ancient Delhi’s Hauz Qazi, which begun as an squabble over stopping space. Over 1000 security faculty – police and Central Save Police Powers — have been conveyed within the range. Shops have been closed since Sunday and the local people have held a peace march. Around 10.30 pm on Sunday, Sanjeev Gupta, a natural product dealer, got into an contention with one Aas Mohammad, who stopped exterior his house. Aas Mohammad cleared out, but returned with more individuals and assaulted Sanjiv Gupta’s house. Sanjiv Gupta educated the police and both he and Aas Mohammad were called for questioning. Soon, a swarm accumulated exterior the Hauz Qazi police station, requesting Mohammad’s discharge.