After it absolutely was declared that Mayank Agarwal would be commutation Vijay Shankar, folks began troll Amabati Rayudu over him not being picked for the team despite being on the list of reserves.
India’s campaign at the planet Cup faced virtually 2 near-simultaneous misfortunes. The team lost its initial match of the tournament to England, and so all arounder Vijay sitar player was dominated out of the remainder of the planet Cup because of a toe injury. he’s to get replaced by Mayank Agarwal, WHO is nevertheless to create his ODI debut. however, on social media, folks targeted middle-order slugger Ambati Rayudu, WHO was originally named jointly of the players on standby for the Indian team.

Many poked fun at Rayudu and aforesaid it absolutely was his 3D glass comment before the planet Cup which could have priced him a spot within the team. The comment had been created in response to a comment by the team’s selectors WHO most popular to choose sitar player over Rayudu.

So when it absolutely was declared that Agarwal would replace sitar player, Rayudu’s name started trending online.