Vijaya Nirmala Dies

Actress and director Vijaya Nirmala died this morning in a hospital in Hyderabad (Continental Hospital). He was 75 years old. His son, actor Naresh, announced his death on Twitter and announced that the latest rites will take place tomorrow. Those who want to make the final tribute to Vijaya Nirmala can do so in the family home in Hyderabad. No cause of death was stated; Naresh simply wrote that Vijaya Nirmala had died of “illness”.

Vijaya Nirmala has appeared in more than 200 films in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, reaching 44 films in Telugu. He is survived by Vijaya Nirmala, her husband Krishna, his son Naresh and stepchildren, including actor Mahesh Babu. On Twitter, the actor Sudheer Babu, married to the daughter of Vijaya Nirmala, Priyadarshini, wrote, “This is a terrible day for my family, a pioneer, a legend and, more importantly, my mother’s personality, Vijaya Nirmala the way to God. “

Vijaya Nirmala started as a children entertainer in Telugu films later, she has also made films in Tamil and Malayalam. Her credits as an actress include Rangula Ratnam, Bhargavi Nilayam and Saakshi.

Vijaya Nirmala has directed and has a Guinness record as the most prolific director. we thought it was one of Sivaji Ganesan and the other was Savitri actress and filmmaker made only two filmmakers. Vijaya Nirmala also produced films under his own banner and directed the Padmalaya family studios in Hyderabad.


The sudden and tragic death of actor and director Vijaya Nirmala has shocked the entire film industry. Celebrities, fans and movie lovers who had suffered tears, paid tribute to the great soul.

In the meantime, many wondered how Vijaya Nirmala, who looked healthy and healthy, died suddenly. Insider information indicates that Vijaya Nirmala has been suffering from deadly cancer for some time. However, their family members hid the bitter truth above all because they did not like the media attention and sympathy of all and different people.

Although Vijaya Nirmala knew that she had cancer, she remained calm and collected and fought the disease, which was treated valiantly. She had received the same treatment until her last breath on June 26 at the Continental Hospital in Hyderabad.