Lokesh Pujary a “daiva patri” demigod was suspect of gayness and raped by a bunch of individuals. The incident happened at Mangalore. the group as well as ladies additionally cut of his hair.

Mangaluru: a person was viciously trashed by a violent mob on suspicion of being gay in Karnataka’s Mangaluru. the complete incident was recorded and therefore the video of identical was unfold on social media platforms, evoking sturdy reactions.

The victim, same to be a priest in Mangaluru, was crushed black associate degreed blue by an unruly crowd. Such a happening of mob violence once more reveal the controversy regarding folks taking the law and order in hand. what’s additional surprising is that gayness is already not seen as a criminal offence as per the Supreme Court’s order however the group, offensive social stigma to his alleged sexual orientation, viciously assaults him.

In the video current on social media, the victim will be seen mendicancy for mercy as he’s roughed up by a crowd. The assaulters then proceed to shave his head so as to wound him any when that they had kicked and punched him on a busy road.